Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank You.

Mom bloggers are awesome: they’re punchy, smart, original, honest, controversial, full of attitude, insanely inspiring, and fall-off-your-chair funny! I seriously cannot get enough of you ladies! I think my husband sometimes looks at me like I'm crazy when I refer back to other mom bloggers stories or give advice I learned from one of you! I've learned that there are a lot of women in the same shoes I'm in. I've learned that we each have our own story, we each are taking a different path, but we are all utterly outright in love with our little’s. The passion each mother I’ve met through blogging has for their children is simply amazing! Each day I learn new tools to throw in my handbag of “motherly guidance” from all of you & I just want to say THANK YOU! There are so many pros and cons about blogging: putting yourself out there, your family, your morals, the simple things in life & the not so simple things! The tough decisions we face daily as mothers, lovers & friends; we speak about it all. It’s so raw, fresh, unreserved. It’s awesome! Thank you for helping me learn & grow into a proud mother! I continue to blog to create a memory book for my daughter. I continue to blog to inspire other women & moms. I continue to blog for the realization that together us moms can take on this big old world, one day at a time!

Right now I have some awesome sponsors on my blog & I want to give each one of you a shout out! You fricken rock ladies! Thank You!
Check these sweet blogs I follow daily: LifeAfterBlog, TableforMore, OurLittleMen, OhSimplyLovingYou, MeetingTheGills, TheDarlingWife, ThesearetheMoments, 25DesignItsaLoveThing, OhHappyMiracle, SistersnCloth These ladies are just a few of my closest mommy friends that I absolutely adore & each day I meet more & more of you!
Also, Check out these inspiring blogs. I envy these ladies & would love to get to know them! Their stories, tips, suggestions & true life blogging is inspiring to every women, mom or not!!  JenLovesKev, ProjectBabies,  AGoodLife, DearBaby, TheDayBook, BohoBabyBump, ThePaperMama, KeepingupwithKennedy, SandyaLaMode, BringingUpBuble, LoveTaza

Thanks again ladies! You all are beautiful, intelligent, captivating women. Keep doing what your doing!



  1. It's crazy how lonely motherhood can feel sometimes (Especially for younger moms) I love having this community to connect with other women! Thank you for keeping me company :)

  2. Aw thanks for the shout out! And I agree with you :) My husband thinks I'm weird cause I have "internet friends" lol

  3. Awww, you are the sweetest! I love that I found your blog and I'm thankful that us mommies can have a place to be ourselves and make amazing friends too:) Keep on blogin<3

  4. I am SO GRATEFUL to have all of you guys! I am even more grateful that you live semi-close haha!! My husband is slowly but surely getting used to my online friends, he is actually learning names of you guys! lol You rock!!! XOXO

  5. aww you are too sweet!!! seriously I adore all of my bloggy friends :)
    and obviously CANT WAIT to join the mommy club with you all. Hopefully within 6 months!