Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to get our of a slump.

It can happen to any one of us on occasion and right now it's happening to me...
Life was so exciting when I was planning the wedding, getting ready for our honeymoon, preparing for A's First Birthday Bash. Suddenly my life seems to have come to a screeching halt! My busy body is just eating away at itself & frustration is setting in. A sense of the blues even. When you're in a slump, be it your career, your sports game, your studies or your personal life, it's not pleasant. In fact, it can be confusing and hard to feel motivated to do anything more than feel stuck. However, your general feeling of malaise and dissatisfaction is telling you something pointed––it's time to reroute your direction and start finding a new pathway to a brighter future for yourself.
Most of a journey to pick yourself up and out of a slump is going to be a very personal and internally guided one (provided that you trust your own voice). However, this article seeks to help you to restore your energy and sense of purpose with a few suggestions.

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