Tuesday, May 29, 2012

12 Month well-check

This morning we visited the doctor bright & early for Avery's 12mo well-check. It sure wasn't a great way to start the morning by waking Avery out of sound sleep to go get shots, but we made it & she's sleeping it off now!

9 Months:

Weight| 20# 13.2oz (75%)
Height| 30 1/8in (97%)
 Head Circumference| 17 7/8in (75%)
4 Teeth.
Letting go & taking 3-4 steps.

12 Months:
Weight| 22# 7.2oz (72%)
Height| 31 1/2in (98%)
Head Circumference| 18 1/2in (75%)
8 Teeth.
 Walking for 3.5 months now.

Lets just say the worst part was the band aide they put on her finger after they poked it for Hemoglobin & lead screening. She was NOT having that.
She is right on track with her developments & growth.
Food is still the major issue in her life. We are struggling to get her to eat anything, but the doctor assured me she is thriving & I just need to keep her on a strict schedule with meal/snack times & no more milk during nap/bed time. {Only H2O} So we are transitioning her to milk with her meals only. This will be a big adjustment for Avery, but hopefully in time it will trigger her to eat more at her meals.
All-in-all shes growing just beautifully & we now have a toddler on our hands!!!


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