About Us

My life turned perfectly out of order the day I found out I was pregnant & I've decided to blog about the simple & not so simple aspects of my life.
This blog is for me to express my emtoions, feelings & my personal growth through motherhood. Not for any of you to judge! But your more than welcome to follow along!
My perfect family thus far!

Of course I'm the Momma: Active, exquisite, kind-hearted & honest. That handsome guy next to me is, Bryce, my high school sweetheart. We got married, April 7th, 2012! He's the perfect blend. A complete guy: manly, dedicated, hardworking & very intelligent! Life really got good when our daughter, Avery Anne Funchion, came into the world May 28th 2011. Shes the perfect combination of the two of us! There is also Moose, our crazy adorable dog; she fits our family to the T! Bryce & I couldn't be happier now that we've become parents. Our next big steps in life are going to be buying/owning a home & growing our family!!!

Contact me  jaymealean@Yahoo.com