Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bragging & I don't care!

This is it people! Today's the day my main squeezy is DONE with his undergrad degree! This is such a huge accomplishment for our family! Avery has college graduates as parents! Whoop-whoop, Hello awesome role models!!!!! Finally, Bryce will be home after work, no more late nights on campus, no more missing dinner time! {Side Note, This means I actually need to up my cooking skills; it was way less to worry about when I only had to impress Avery!} I am so over-the-moon excited about this and trust me Bryce is too! Bryce already has a great job as a Mechanical Engineer so the degree really isn't about money! It's about the gratification baby, we did it! We  both finished our undergrad degrees and now when we preach to Avery the importance of higher education, it's not like calling the kettle black!

Also, I have been working my butt off to get into shape since having Avery. For those of you who don't  already know me, I love health and fitness. {I still am not sure why I didn't get a degree in this?!} I by no means have the body of my dreams, but I can finally say I'm getting there! The scale has not moved in 9 months, but I 'think' my body is transforming! My goal as a mother is after every child I have to strive for a better body then I had prior! That's a BIG goal, but totally attainable! Hard work and dedication is all it takes, an hour at the gym is all I need to focus on myself. Even when I don't see change week after week, I could never give up a healthy lifestyle. I want my kids to know the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits! I love hearing people perspectives on health and fitness! For me it's not a diet, it's a way of living! It's one thing I have complete control over and so do you! 

Of course there are still areas I want to work on... but that's me totally raw and accountable!
Get Fit, Get Active and take control of YOU!


I still can't believe I actually posted a picture of me in my HONEYMOON swim suit! Less than 3 weeks baby & I'm totally rocking this body!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

My Sweet Sweet Blossom of Humanity


Going Cloth.

I am super excited to take on the world of baby Fluff!
  What makes me even more excited is that Bryce is right on board with me!
He's actually the one pushing the idea.
I ordered 7 cloth diapers yesterday. 3 different brands & one swim diaper.
 There is just SO much to learn & know about cloth diapers.
 I researched for a few days before making a purchase.
This weekend I am going to hit up a local store by my parents that sells them
& check them out in person, hoping to buy a few more!
So we are starting with:

2-Bum Genius Freetimes All-In-Ones {Snaps}

FuzziBunz Perfect Size MEDIUM 3-Pack
3- Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Mediums 15-30lbs {Snaps}

Bubble Gum Pink
2- Smartipants All-In-Ones {Snaps}

Kushies Swim Diaper Medium 14-25lbs

So we are starting with these and hopefully deciding what we like the best!
Maybe it will be a variety or possibly all of one brand...
Or there could be another brand of cloth diapers we really need to try too... Please Share!

Note: I choose all snaps for these diapers I ordered because I had an overwhelming amount of advice that it was the best choice over hook & loops. Is this true for you & why?

So I'm asking all you Cloth Diapering Mommas, What do we need to know about all this fluff,
about brands & styles?
Suggestions, tips & techniques are welcome & appreciated!!
What is your washing advice?
What is your storage advice?
What other products, other than cloth diapers, should we invest in?
& finally, how many cloth diapers do we need for one child, then two?

All the help I've received so far has been absolutely amazing & so thoughtful! I am really anxious & excited to get started. I feel like there is a lot to learn, but I'm ready!!!
The money saving aspect is a HUGE perk!!!!

Thank You,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Catch Up| Photo Dump

{My Best Ladies}

{Our entire Wedding Party+ Dates}

{Bryce's Best Guys}

{My Dad & I}

{First Kiss}
{The Funchion's}
{Some of my greatest Ladies}
{The Guys}


Phew, things have been busy in the Funchion home front! I've been Married a little over a week now & I'm still on cloud nine! It feels so good to have the same last name as my family & I just feel closer than ever to my Husband! Our wedding was perfect in absolutely every way. Most beautiful day ever, Most beautiful wedding ever!!! {I'm biased & have every right to be}
I'm still waiting to get the professional pictures back. I'm not sure how long that will take, but a post will happen as soon as I receive them!
Avery has been busy too! Shes growing like a little weed & she is on the go, go, GO! Walking without any glitches!!! She loves her Independence & so do I! She's so happy & this makes me burst with excitement. This summer is going to be a blast! Swimming, playing outside, going to the lake.
 I'm Ready!
Avery went to her first Birthday party for my cousins little man, Gabe! He turned One & Avery showed off her walking skills the entire party! There is no time in the day for this little girl to rest, unless its nap time! She is loving her naps & her bedtime! Starting to sleep through the night...YES!
Her 8th tooth is breaking through & she is seriously cuter than ever. I love those little munchers!

I've been in full force planning her First Birthday party {Pinkalicious Pink Lemonade Party} I want to have it all organized by the beginning of May. We need invites sent out then & I need everything coordinated before we leave for the Honeymoon <-- That's right HONEYMOON!!! We're beyond excited for this, St.Lucia bound In less than a month!!!! It will be hard to leave A, but she will be in the best possible hands; plus what kid doesn't need a little time with their grandparents to get completely spoiled rotten?!
This past weekend I went to a Pistons Game with my lady, Sara! Yeah, I know what your thinking, Pistons suck.. but it was a full house! They played the Bulls & the Pistons actually competed! It was a blast & so nice to get out of the house!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm finally married & had the wedding of my dreams! Or that Bryce & I will be laying on a beautiful beach in one month! Or that my Daughter is so stinking adorable that each & every day I fall more in love! Or the excitement of planning a First Birthday party! Or the thought of having more children! Or the anticipation of moving in our near future! Or the fact that Bryce is graduating in a few weeks! Or the overwhelming joy that rushes through my body since summer is near! Or all of the above!!!  But I am in pure bliss right now & I don't want it to ever end!!!! {I promise...posts with substance are coming at ya soon! In the mean time, I'm going to soak up my happiness with never ending baby kisses!}