Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"The arrival of a new baby gives us, perhaps for the first time in our lives, the opportunity to find out just how much love we are capable of. We find out how patient we can be, how resourceful, how much sleep deprivation we can stand, how much pleasure we can take in the ordinary details of daily life. In this calling out of the parents from their natural self-centeredness, their real transformation begins in earnest.” -Jennifer Roback Morse


First attempt.

So I really want to give this whole thrifting thing a shot. I never thought I could thrift because I do not have an eye for old/used stuff; I usually refer to it as junk and can never see beyond the surface! I have a lot of  ideas for DIY projects via Pinterest & I want to jump head first into starting some. So this morning Avery & I left the house early & attempted to shop at 4 thrift shops. Take a look at what we found, all for under $15.
8 mason jar glasses with handles to replace our old plastic cups!
Total $3

We found Avery a Halo Sleep Sack, A trendy pair of jeans & an adorable jean skirt!
Total $4

Surprise Surprise, I even found a few things for myself!
Total $5

I left the house this morning with no preconceived notions; I tried to clear my head & be completely creative! I was really hoping to find some cool picture frames & end tables, so maybe next time I'll have better luck! There are still 3 more thirft stores in our town that I can check out & i'm sure I overlooked tons at the ones we visited! If you have any tips, suggestions, or expereinces on "how to thrift" or even aweosme projects you made from your thirfting expereinces please share!


Monday, January 30, 2012

We did a whole lot of this

....played at home with no pants on!
It was a perfect weekend of (almost) complete nothingness!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Splish Splash.

Avery has recently developed a Love for bath time!
She will spend up to an hour playing with these foam letters & squirming around in the suds, it's adorable! Although, I think her favorite part is after I completely dry her off and lather her up with lotion, she just goes crazy on her bedroom floor, pure happiness. Every time & it never gets old!

Dear Avery,

Tomorrow you turn 8 months old baby girl, words really cannot express how much love I have for you. You have brought so much joy into our life. Your smile is captivating, that big open mouth grin melts the hearts of so many others. You are developing so perfectly, but fast I might add! Milestone after milestone you've met so quickly and each one is just as much a new experience for you, as it is for daddy and I. We are trying so hard to keep up with your new found mobility; you are into everything and anything that is not a toy! Toys are for dogs, right baby girl?! We seriously adore watching you grow; each day your personality develops and we have a stronger sense of who you are.

You still dislike food. I haven't decided if it's truly the food you hate or if it's the fact that you are just not ready to sit still. You rather eat on the go...one Cheerio while your playing with your toys, another while your in your walker! A bite of yogurt while your chasing the dog, a bite of squash while your climbing the chair. Getting you to sit still is not an easy task for this momma, but I will continue to try hard to get you to eat and fill that belly up! Some day, hopefully sooner than later, the highchair will be your friend and food will entice you. We do know that you prefer feeding yourself and that is okay with us. However, your bottle is still your favorite source of nutrition. This makes me ecstatic to think how far I've made it giving you my breast milk. You are about 50/50 now. Half time breast milk, the other half formula and I am okay with that. 8 whole months of mommas good stuff, you are going to be one smart cookie (:

For the most part, sleep is now your friend! Naps are very consistent when you are at home & you love your crib! Sleeping through the night is getting better and better, you normally wake up one time a night now for a bottle and this is a huge improvement from your last few months! Walking into your room after a good nights sleep and seeing your bright eyes and sparkly smile is one of my favorite parts of the day! Also, you have really stole the heart of your daddy; you absolutely love when he comes home from work! That might be my second favorite part of the day. Seeing your eyes light up and your little body squirm so quickly into his arms really melts my heart! I could go one about this kind of love for days.

You are so very perfect Avery Anne Funchion. I am overflowing with happiness and I cannot wait to see what amount of joy you bring us this month.

I love you forever and always baby girl,

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I can't control my pinning lately. I am so ready to move & own a home. A bigger home. Right now this tiny 2 bedroom is literally driving me insane! Avery has no room to play...or not enough room now that she is completely mobile. There is no room for improvement in this place & if there is i've completely given up on them. I'm ready to invest all my time into projects for a new home. I'm ready to put all this excitement I have for design and DIY projects into use. Right now, I'm in a slump & I'm kind of bitter about it; it's almost selfish of me to say though. Bryce is working 40+ hours & going to class in the evenings, paying for a honeymoon & all the other things that get thrown at him on a daily basis. He just doesn't have the time to commit to house shopping & after I put keep putting hours of work into the process of finding homes that fit our family, he has no desire to sit down & even think about buying a home. I don't blame him. However, can you tell i'm just flat out sick of this place.

Here are some pins I've posted on Pinterest that keep me inspired. Becuse I know our dream of owning a home is in our near future!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


1. Avery had a runny nose all day yesterday, she handled it just fine. I'm not to sure if it's from teething or a cold. However, her night was awful. She was either too cold or too hot, runny nose to stuffy nose. I was up MORE than 6x.

2. So I slept on the couch to give Bryce a decent  nights sleep. Sleeping on the couch is never even close to okay.

3. I missed my workout due to sleeping through my alarm clock.

4. Our dog, Moose, Puked all over the sheets & pooped on the floor. That was a pleasent surprise this morning when I went into the bed room...

5. Avery's smile keeps me going; we have her 8month pictures tonight with Jessica Lynn Photography & really the only thing that could make this day worse is if Avery refuses to smile! I'm so sure she won't let me down.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

Avery & I cleaned the house so that we could enjoy our evening with daddy. It seems like its been an eternity since we've gone on a family date, but first we had to run to the Post Office before they closed to order our Passports! Although it cost an arm & a leg, its pretty exciting that they are finally ordered and our dream honeymoon is that much closer to reality!
Kinda scary looking, to say the least!

After we got this task checked off our list, 'Fiesta Friday' it was at our local Mexican resturant, Los Cuatros! Avery had a great time munching on tortilla chips, flirting with the servers, & starring at all the bright colors!

"Heck with the tiny pieces Mom, I want the whole chip!"

Enjoying a Large Marg. after a long work week!


Unfortuanlly, Bryce & I had our own things to do, so we headed our seperate ways bright & early. Bryce headed to a concealed weapons class all day & I had to go down south to have a 31 party. It was so sweet of Bryce's cousin to host a party and I really enjoyed getting together with all the ladies! Avery also had a blast playing with her soon to be great step cousin; who is just a few months older. Actually, I couldn't really tell you how she was related to her, but they had fun to say the least.

We didn't do much and I throughly enjoyed it. We hung around the house for the most part. Bryce cleaned a bit in the morning. Yes, you read that right... I said Bryce cleaned! He cleared out the back room and I'm not going to lie, it was a disaster for a bit but he pulled through and cleaned it up quite nicely. Avery took a record long bath too, I think close to 45 minutes!
In the afternoon Bryce went to shoot his gun with our good friend, Drew, and I went and worked out for an hour. Came home to a home cooked meal & that was that folks. A perfect Sunday.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm back.

but you knew I was coming,

Let me fill you in, towards the end of November our computer crashed and we really needed to wait until after Christmas to afford a new one. Well we finally bought one and since then I’ve been in a crazy person wedding planning kind of mood! It’s less than 3 months away people, Holy crap! I’m getting anxious and maybe a bit nervous! I’ve spent 6+ years with the man of my dreams what is there to be nervous about? We went through so many trials & tribulations together, I graduated college, Bryce finishes his degree in a few months, we  started a family together and we’re now building a home life that we absolutely adore. These things are just the beginning of our forever life together; they are just tiny pieces of who we are and what’s in store for us. I have dreamed of the day I marry my best friend & it’s finally coming to a head! I’m ready and so excited that our big day as a family of 3 is almost here, but I’m nervous for a day that is all about me. I tend to put the focus on others, rather than myself.  However this is my day, (Bryce & Avery’s too) and I’m getting nervous for all eyes on me!

One more thing as I’m babbling on about my wedding day. I really hope it all comes together like I have pictured in my head, the colors, theme, etc. I’m just going with my gut on this one & I don’t really have an eye for design! I’m going for “Soft Vintage(ish) elegance”. Hmm, yes I totally made that up, but I hope I execute it! Regardless, the day is really just about me and my wonderful man and our next step in life together as the "Funchion family!"

Furthermore, it has been awhile since I’ve got to brag about my baby girl, so of course I won’t leave you without an update on Miss Avery. Where is time going people, the New Year has come and were already approaching February! My baby will be 8 months old very soon & I’m already getting newborn fever. Ekk!!! (We have a wedding to get through first, so I won’t put the cart before the horse) Avery is the happiest little girl, after her two bottom teeth broke through a few weeks ago, she really took a turn for the better. It was a long time coming; we knew that fussy baby was bound and determined to show us her true colors! She said good-bye to the crazy army crawl and she has been full blown crawling for over a month now. Avery is also pulling herself up on anything and everything, she has mastered falling on her butt to sit and get down. She has a great naptime routine down during the day & is starting to sleep through the night (almost). She is so stinking adorable and happy. I’m really in such an amazing place right now; each day keeps getting better and better. She really started to take to her ‘dada’ too! Her eyes light up when he comes home from work & she is instantly attached to his hip, it’s so endearing! She still hates food, but I try and will try and try again each meal to get her to eat and fill that little belly! She just loves her bottle & isn’t into solids at all. However, I’m sure more teeth are soon to spurt through, growth spurts will occur, sleeping patterns will tweak & our baby will change once again; but for now I’m living in the moment and I am so in love!