Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Avery,

Tomorrow you turn 8 months old baby girl, words really cannot express how much love I have for you. You have brought so much joy into our life. Your smile is captivating, that big open mouth grin melts the hearts of so many others. You are developing so perfectly, but fast I might add! Milestone after milestone you've met so quickly and each one is just as much a new experience for you, as it is for daddy and I. We are trying so hard to keep up with your new found mobility; you are into everything and anything that is not a toy! Toys are for dogs, right baby girl?! We seriously adore watching you grow; each day your personality develops and we have a stronger sense of who you are.

You still dislike food. I haven't decided if it's truly the food you hate or if it's the fact that you are just not ready to sit still. You rather eat on the Cheerio while your playing with your toys, another while your in your walker! A bite of yogurt while your chasing the dog, a bite of squash while your climbing the chair. Getting you to sit still is not an easy task for this momma, but I will continue to try hard to get you to eat and fill that belly up! Some day, hopefully sooner than later, the highchair will be your friend and food will entice you. We do know that you prefer feeding yourself and that is okay with us. However, your bottle is still your favorite source of nutrition. This makes me ecstatic to think how far I've made it giving you my breast milk. You are about 50/50 now. Half time breast milk, the other half formula and I am okay with that. 8 whole months of mommas good stuff, you are going to be one smart cookie (:

For the most part, sleep is now your friend! Naps are very consistent when you are at home & you love your crib! Sleeping through the night is getting better and better, you normally wake up one time a night now for a bottle and this is a huge improvement from your last few months! Walking into your room after a good nights sleep and seeing your bright eyes and sparkly smile is one of my favorite parts of the day! Also, you have really stole the heart of your daddy; you absolutely love when he comes home from work! That might be my second favorite part of the day. Seeing your eyes light up and your little body squirm so quickly into his arms really melts my heart! I could go one about this kind of love for days.

You are so very perfect Avery Anne Funchion. I am overflowing with happiness and I cannot wait to see what amount of joy you bring us this month.

I love you forever and always baby girl,

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  1. Your little lady is so adorable!!