Tuesday, January 24, 2012


1. Avery had a runny nose all day yesterday, she handled it just fine. I'm not to sure if it's from teething or a cold. However, her night was awful. She was either too cold or too hot, runny nose to stuffy nose. I was up MORE than 6x.

2. So I slept on the couch to give Bryce a decent  nights sleep. Sleeping on the couch is never even close to okay.

3. I missed my workout due to sleeping through my alarm clock.

4. Our dog, Moose, Puked all over the sheets & pooped on the floor. That was a pleasent surprise this morning when I went into the bed room...

5. Avery's smile keeps me going; we have her 8month pictures tonight with Jessica Lynn Photography & really the only thing that could make this day worse is if Avery refuses to smile! I'm so sure she won't let me down.


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