Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First attempt.

So I really want to give this whole thrifting thing a shot. I never thought I could thrift because I do not have an eye for old/used stuff; I usually refer to it as junk and can never see beyond the surface! I have a lot of  ideas for DIY projects via Pinterest & I want to jump head first into starting some. So this morning Avery & I left the house early & attempted to shop at 4 thrift shops. Take a look at what we found, all for under $15.
8 mason jar glasses with handles to replace our old plastic cups!
Total $3

We found Avery a Halo Sleep Sack, A trendy pair of jeans & an adorable jean skirt!
Total $4

Surprise Surprise, I even found a few things for myself!
Total $5

I left the house this morning with no preconceived notions; I tried to clear my head & be completely creative! I was really hoping to find some cool picture frames & end tables, so maybe next time I'll have better luck! There are still 3 more thirft stores in our town that I can check out & i'm sure I overlooked tons at the ones we visited! If you have any tips, suggestions, or expereinces on "how to thrift" or even aweosme projects you made from your thirfting expereinces please share!


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  1. Good job your grandmother would be proud!