Thursday, January 26, 2012


I can't control my pinning lately. I am so ready to move & own a home. A bigger home. Right now this tiny 2 bedroom is literally driving me insane! Avery has no room to play...or not enough room now that she is completely mobile. There is no room for improvement in this place & if there is i've completely given up on them. I'm ready to invest all my time into projects for a new home. I'm ready to put all this excitement I have for design and DIY projects into use. Right now, I'm in a slump & I'm kind of bitter about it; it's almost selfish of me to say though. Bryce is working 40+ hours & going to class in the evenings, paying for a honeymoon & all the other things that get thrown at him on a daily basis. He just doesn't have the time to commit to house shopping & after I put keep putting hours of work into the process of finding homes that fit our family, he has no desire to sit down & even think about buying a home. I don't blame him. However, can you tell i'm just flat out sick of this place.

Here are some pins I've posted on Pinterest that keep me inspired. Becuse I know our dream of owning a home is in our near future!


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