Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

Avery & I cleaned the house so that we could enjoy our evening with daddy. It seems like its been an eternity since we've gone on a family date, but first we had to run to the Post Office before they closed to order our Passports! Although it cost an arm & a leg, its pretty exciting that they are finally ordered and our dream honeymoon is that much closer to reality!
Kinda scary looking, to say the least!

After we got this task checked off our list, 'Fiesta Friday' it was at our local Mexican resturant, Los Cuatros! Avery had a great time munching on tortilla chips, flirting with the servers, & starring at all the bright colors!

"Heck with the tiny pieces Mom, I want the whole chip!"

Enjoying a Large Marg. after a long work week!


Unfortuanlly, Bryce & I had our own things to do, so we headed our seperate ways bright & early. Bryce headed to a concealed weapons class all day & I had to go down south to have a 31 party. It was so sweet of Bryce's cousin to host a party and I really enjoyed getting together with all the ladies! Avery also had a blast playing with her soon to be great step cousin; who is just a few months older. Actually, I couldn't really tell you how she was related to her, but they had fun to say the least.

We didn't do much and I throughly enjoyed it. We hung around the house for the most part. Bryce cleaned a bit in the morning. Yes, you read that right... I said Bryce cleaned! He cleared out the back room and I'm not going to lie, it was a disaster for a bit but he pulled through and cleaned it up quite nicely. Avery took a record long bath too, I think close to 45 minutes!
In the afternoon Bryce went to shoot his gun with our good friend, Drew, and I went and worked out for an hour. Came home to a home cooked meal & that was that folks. A perfect Sunday.

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