Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm back.

but you knew I was coming,

Let me fill you in, towards the end of November our computer crashed and we really needed to wait until after Christmas to afford a new one. Well we finally bought one and since then I’ve been in a crazy person wedding planning kind of mood! It’s less than 3 months away people, Holy crap! I’m getting anxious and maybe a bit nervous! I’ve spent 6+ years with the man of my dreams what is there to be nervous about? We went through so many trials & tribulations together, I graduated college, Bryce finishes his degree in a few months, we  started a family together and we’re now building a home life that we absolutely adore. These things are just the beginning of our forever life together; they are just tiny pieces of who we are and what’s in store for us. I have dreamed of the day I marry my best friend & it’s finally coming to a head! I’m ready and so excited that our big day as a family of 3 is almost here, but I’m nervous for a day that is all about me. I tend to put the focus on others, rather than myself.  However this is my day, (Bryce & Avery’s too) and I’m getting nervous for all eyes on me!

One more thing as I’m babbling on about my wedding day. I really hope it all comes together like I have pictured in my head, the colors, theme, etc. I’m just going with my gut on this one & I don’t really have an eye for design! I’m going for “Soft Vintage(ish) elegance”. Hmm, yes I totally made that up, but I hope I execute it! Regardless, the day is really just about me and my wonderful man and our next step in life together as the "Funchion family!"

Furthermore, it has been awhile since I’ve got to brag about my baby girl, so of course I won’t leave you without an update on Miss Avery. Where is time going people, the New Year has come and were already approaching February! My baby will be 8 months old very soon & I’m already getting newborn fever. Ekk!!! (We have a wedding to get through first, so I won’t put the cart before the horse) Avery is the happiest little girl, after her two bottom teeth broke through a few weeks ago, she really took a turn for the better. It was a long time coming; we knew that fussy baby was bound and determined to show us her true colors! She said good-bye to the crazy army crawl and she has been full blown crawling for over a month now. Avery is also pulling herself up on anything and everything, she has mastered falling on her butt to sit and get down. She has a great naptime routine down during the day & is starting to sleep through the night (almost). She is so stinking adorable and happy. I’m really in such an amazing place right now; each day keeps getting better and better. She really started to take to her ‘dada’ too! Her eyes light up when he comes home from work & she is instantly attached to his hip, it’s so endearing! She still hates food, but I try and will try and try again each meal to get her to eat and fill that little belly! She just loves her bottle & isn’t into solids at all. However, I’m sure more teeth are soon to spurt through, growth spurts will occur, sleeping patterns will tweak & our baby will change once again; but for now I’m living in the moment and I am so in love!



  1. She's so precious and I too had those "all eyes on me" jitters! That's the only part I was nervous about and I didn't even feel that way for the wedding. Just the reception! It's that weird? Haha!

  2. I agree! I feel like it's just the thought of the ceramony thats making me nervous, after that.. give me a drink & lets do this!