Monday, December 31, 2012

A Christmas to remember.

This holiday season went by fast. With it being Avery's second Christmas (at almost 19 months old) I didn't expect to much commotion. The concept of Santa and gift giving still seemed a bit to0 "old" for her. Yet the glisten in this girls was like no other, I didn't expect it actually! She ripped open those gifts faster than I could snap a picture, rarely looking at the toy inside. She would quickly move onto the next one with intent to open all the gifts under the tree in record time.
She woke up Christmas Eve to this awesome carnival tent, which is now taking up a good portion of our living room. After she opened a few things from Bryce & I, my  husband looked me and said "I didn't think she would be so in to this, I feel bad we didn't get her more!" But the grandparents took care of that dilemma. She was so spoiled rotten, I even hid a few gifts after she opened them to pull out when she gets bored of the ones out and if you know this girl's personality at all, you know that won't take long. She goes from hyper to bored in lighting fast time...augh!

Every year on Christmas Eve we spend with my side of the family. This year was a bit different than tradition, but the family we love was still there and that is all that matters. Santa comes every Christmas Eve and Avery sure was happy when that jolly man walked into the barn! Although she fussed that every gift was hers, she finally got a turn to sit on his lap.

We came home to nap and open more gifts from my parents. A was loving every second of it. The whole weekend she stayed up hours past her bedtime and its been very hard to get back into a routine, but she seems to be taking naps much later in the day now so its expected that she can hang late into the night. By late I'm talking 9 o'clock people!!!

We spent the day before Christmas Eve with Bryce's side of the family and of course I forgot my camera at home. Then on Christmas day his parents and siblings came to celebrate in the comfort of our own home. It felt really good to start tradition with Avery. There is something magical about being in your own house Christmas morning! My parents spent the long weekend at our house too and it was great to have family in town. The entire 4 day stretch seemed to fly by and we were all exhausted by Christmas night. As you can see, I did not take a single picture of the 3 of us, I get all excited for Avery and can't keep the lens out of her face. I am glad I have an entire year to prepare for next years festivities its going to be crazy with TWO little girls in the house!
Happy Holidays 2012,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa Baby


Check out that comparison. My darling little bald baby was just 7 months old last Christmas and now an entire year later we visited that merry old man once again. Only this year there was no wait, it's well worth the trip to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland if you can make it during the week, otherwise you will be waiting hours to visit Santa. It is becoming an annual affair to take my little lady there and stare at all the amazing Christmas decor. Last year Bryce & I went together, it took us hours to see Santa. However, this year I got smart and went with the play group during the day. These women truly understand the joy a mother has seeing their children's eyes glisten. Two years in a row Avery has leaped into Santa's arms, I'm really hoping it stays that way year after year. Check out my little drama queen, she really had a thing for the elves!
Avery is such a fierce ball of energy and although I'm going non-stop from sun up to sun down, I wouldn't have it any other way!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lots of words & our first bump update

It had been 7 months in the making-or rather trying.
And once August hit I had came to the realization that another baby will happen when it happens.
No more thinking, no more wishing, no more hoping... It was in God's hands.
(Sorta...we still had to do the deed!)
I was getting caught up in the "wanting stage" and forgetting what I really have to be thankful for.
A beautiful, healthy toddler needed my attention. 
I was working on #2, while #1 needed her mom entirely.
So after a routine check-up at my ob, the doctor was a bit concerned with my cycle/tubes/etc.
He drew some blood and we would go on with our daily adventures.
My body has always been a bit outta whack, nothing new there.
A family of 3 really is perfect, but I wanted more.
Not even 24 hours later I got a phone call from my doctor telling me my progesterone was extremely low and my hcg was indecisive. SAY WHAT?
(Mind you I didn't even know he drew blood for pregnancy at the time)
"Your hcg came back indecisive, therefore we cannot tell you, you are pregnant and we cannot tell you, you are not..."
What does this mean doc? I'm nervous.
"We need your blood drawn again asap and we will go from there..."
A day later,
I am defiantly pregnant, but my levels are all so low.
Scary low.
I fear the worst.
My pregnancy with Avery was simple, my levels were always perfect.
Get more blood drawn, wait more days in between.

And so it began, the making of baby Funchion #2.
My body needed some help this time carrying the babe.
I was feeling rough around the edges for many, many weeks.
Tired isn't even the true word to describe this pregnancy, more like extreme exhaustion.
But here I am diving into my Second Trimester. Week 15.
Blessed, thrilled, excited, nervous.
This pregnancy is nothing like the last one.
Except we have another active babe in there with a strong heartbeat.
For that I am thankful and words cannot describe my state of pure happiness.

I still have lots to share...

Two weeks ago we did the impossible.
Well not really, but for Bryce and I,  it seemed impossible that we would ever find a house we agreed and loved equally.
Yet again after months of trying, we found one.
We waited months to close and two weeks ago we moved!!!
Our very first house.
We have painted a ton.
 Ripped out old carpet, had new installed {and its so LOVELY!}
Worked our butts off deep cleaning, scrubbing and making the house our home.
It's slowly becoming a place we can call ours.
We have a ton of work to do over time, but one day at a time.
I've been one tired Momma at night and Bryce works all day and comes home to work all night.
It's tough love though. Putting the effort into a place you love is really fun!

Avery has struggled.
She's been confused, fussy and sleepless.
Tantrums are coming at us from every angle.
Getting her used to her new room has been tough.
She hit an all time low a few nights.
The past 2 days have been better.
One day at a time.
It's so new to her, so much bigger and spacious.
 Slowly we will all settle into our new home.
She is taking her second nap in her new room today (yes, only 2 in 2 weeks)
So I know with time it will all be okay.
Oh and cutting 4 teeth the same week we moved has not been a huge help.
She may be a bit whinny, but I know our happy girl is in there!
I'll leave you with my very first bump update for baby Funchion #2
How far along? 15 weeks.
How big is the baby? Navel orange. 4 in, 2.5 oz

Weight gain? 2 pounds, maybe more now. I won't know until after Thanksgiving. Ooh yummy goodness in my belly.

Maternity clothes? No, Maternity pants are falling off me, I actually fit just fine in my pre-pregnancy jeans still. I'm fine with that, my maternity pants are never long enough on me anyways!

Stretchmarks? Nothing yet, I didn't see my first one with Avery until 38 weeks.

Sleep? Well for a 3 month old puppy that pees 2-3x a night, peeing myself  sometimes 2x a night, and a toddler who hasn't handled the move well, I'd say my sleep could be much worse. Thankfully, when I'm out, I'M OUT! Even if there are a few breakups in my sleep each night, I have no trouble falling fast asleep.

Best moment this week? I'm still just so thankful to be in the second trimester. I feel 10x better.

Movement? None, and it freaks me out a bit. I felt Avery move on the inside and outside by week 15 and I felt her often. I know that is early and each baby is way different, but I'm really ready to feel you little one.

Food cravings? Just food in general and often.

Gender? Too early... but were anxious!

Labor signs? No, THANK GOD.

What I am looking forward too? Feeling you and hearing you. My next appt. isn't till the end of the month. I love hearing your strong heartbeat and Avery loves squirting that cold lubricant on my belly!

Milestones? Meeting you seems so far away, but I know how quickly the next 6 months will go. The nursery carpet and closet shelving are installed.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Avery's Halloween Eve announcement

Baby Funchion #2 is due for arrival mid May!
We are beyond blessed and so excited to share this news with all of you!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Halloween princess.


This is not her costume, it's just a very fun tutu for a very special little girl.
She would choose to wear this dress daily if I let her!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We are not so patiently waiting for the closing on our house; we are pretty confident that it is going to happen in about 2 weeks, but if you know anything about this house's all over the place. Paperwork being sent from person-to-person and place-to-place just to make sure every t is crossed and I am dotted. It's an annoying process and I'm sure there is every reason in the world it takes so long, but I am just not in any place to be patient. Were ready to move, were excited to have Christmas in our new home. I'm anxious for this time to grow as a family & experience this next chapter in our life. It makes me squeal just thinking about it, eeeek!  Bryce has some projects to start as soon as we get the keys & I've got rooms to paint before new carpet can be laid. I don't think I can spend another minute looking at Pinterest; I'm ready to get crafty!
Well, besides this waiting game were playing, Avery continues to grow like a weed and amaze us daily. Her vocabulary people, it's shocking! She tries to repeat everything we say & half the time it’s actually understandable. She is getting really good at knowing her animal noises and making the funny faces along with them, I think the Fish face is by far her favorite. She is obsessed with books. I think I get knocked in the face 2-3x a day by a book. As much as I hate reading the same books over and over again, I get it...she's eager to learn. I'm honestly the happiest mom in the world to see her passion for books at this young of an age. She is also now able to wiggle her fingers, touch her toes, point to her mouth, tongue, nose, eyes & ears. She absolutely loves being asked to do these. In between going to the YMCA, mops, and playgroup meet ups we are keeping busy and it's been fun for the both of us. I haven't been much of a cook these past few weeks (or months). I feel like I'm in a cooking rut. (Sorry Babe) I'd love to hear any of your favorite go-to dishes.
Happy Wednesday,

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

My absolute favorite time of the year. Maybe it’s the leaves falling or the end of summer heat but the fall finally settled in & I'm one happy camper.



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

These two.

We got a house and I'm so anxious to get these two into it! A yard with almost 5 acres, a playroom & almost four times the amount of space... this is going to be heaven! We are so excited to get into our new house and make it our own, but for now it's a waiting game until closing. We should be moved in & settled before Christmas; for now we will continue living in our small space and these two will continue being best friends! (or so I like to think, Moose on the other hand doesn't seem so thrilled with a 25 pounder nagging on her all hours of the day. Yet, she never seems to move!)


Friday, September 28, 2012

A very special birthday

My grandpa turns 84 years old today, which completely blows my mind!! The past few years have been a downward spiral for his health, but this mans mind & soul are very much alive. He is still witty & charismatic, with a heart like a lion.  He is a very brave and bold man and although he may not be as strong and mighty at this day in age, I pray for his health and thank god each and everyday for his presence in my family. I wish him a great birthday today.
Happy Birthday to you grandpa!
your granddaughter
(one of many)

{ohh p.s. Avery Anne is 16 month old today! It really is an amzing day, here's to celebrating beautiful people!]

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bump ahead & no it's not mine.

In early August my adorable niece, brother & sister-in-law announced they are expanding their family by 2 feet! With a St.Patrick's day due date, my sister-in-law just reached her second trimester. She is sicker than ever this time around, but we are all thrilled for this new addition!!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Music to my ears

" ma ma ma, what's that?
what's that ma?

At almost 16 months Avery's vocabulary has exploded! She is a little bird chirping in my ear all day long and I absolutely love it. Although a lot of her words are still unclear, she is learning new words daily and it's truly music to my ears! She repeats, re-listens, & asks "whats that?" while pointing her little finger all day long. Seriously, all day!! Communication in our family has been taken to a whole new level, we are no longer leaving Avery out of conversation.She loves to listen and respond to instructions, such as: throw this away, put your clothes away, take this back, pick up your toys, let's let the Moose out, are you ready for a nap, are you tired, are you hungry, want to go play at the Y, lets go outside, etc. These action phrases are really exciting for Avery, Bryce and I. We have our hands full with this little girl, but each day is a learning experience for the three of us.


Monday, September 17, 2012

There is a sweet harmony in autumn

Despite our crazy stressful search for a house; Sunday we found time too get outside and enjoy the crisp autumn air that's quickly moving in. Avery's first visit to the farm was just what we needed to remember God's greatest gifts!
PS. House update coming soon... we found a house, say a little prayer for us!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Above all, Love each other deeply.

It seems like forever since my last blog post; we've been so busy lately and let me tell you I absolutely love it! Between house searching and our daily adventures I haven't put much thought into my blog and i'm really okay with that. Yet, i'm here now and I need to note all the fun things going on before I forget them. Bryce and his brother stood in a good friends wedding on Labor Day, so last weekend we spent 6 hours traveling to Cincinnati. In between all the wedding extravaganza we explored the town, shopped a bit & ate really good food. Avery did extra awesome for spending so many hours in the car; she amazed us at rehearsal dinner & even was so well-behaved at the wedding. I was one proud mamma all weekend, she is really hit or miss on all-the-above and she pulled through when we needed her too. Yayy, go A go!! I started MOPS (moms of preschoolers) this week and I can't talk enough about it. A group of moms coming together 2x a month at a local church to give each other support, a good laugh when you need it, & even prayer when it's most important. We chat and enjoy breakfast together, while the little ones are in the nursery or classroom playing. Avery spent the entire 2 hours in the nursery & they said she didn't make a peep! Well, not literally this girl is trying so hard to talk lately; her words aren't clear yet, but she is defiantly working on her communication skills. MOPS is really a great group of women who I am so excited to meet more of. I am really starting to find my nitch for this stay at home mom gig. Now that Avery is a busy body its important to keep our days filled with interaction. We still go to the YMCA during the week & playgroup is usually 2-3x a month now. I am really happy with where we are in life and each day is truly a blessing! Of course I can't leave without a picture dump, so enjoy! 

"Love each other as if your life depended on it"
Peter 4:8