Monday, December 31, 2012

A Christmas to remember.

This holiday season went by fast. With it being Avery's second Christmas (at almost 19 months old) I didn't expect to much commotion. The concept of Santa and gift giving still seemed a bit to0 "old" for her. Yet the glisten in this girls was like no other, I didn't expect it actually! She ripped open those gifts faster than I could snap a picture, rarely looking at the toy inside. She would quickly move onto the next one with intent to open all the gifts under the tree in record time.
She woke up Christmas Eve to this awesome carnival tent, which is now taking up a good portion of our living room. After she opened a few things from Bryce & I, my  husband looked me and said "I didn't think she would be so in to this, I feel bad we didn't get her more!" But the grandparents took care of that dilemma. She was so spoiled rotten, I even hid a few gifts after she opened them to pull out when she gets bored of the ones out and if you know this girl's personality at all, you know that won't take long. She goes from hyper to bored in lighting fast time...augh!

Every year on Christmas Eve we spend with my side of the family. This year was a bit different than tradition, but the family we love was still there and that is all that matters. Santa comes every Christmas Eve and Avery sure was happy when that jolly man walked into the barn! Although she fussed that every gift was hers, she finally got a turn to sit on his lap.

We came home to nap and open more gifts from my parents. A was loving every second of it. The whole weekend she stayed up hours past her bedtime and its been very hard to get back into a routine, but she seems to be taking naps much later in the day now so its expected that she can hang late into the night. By late I'm talking 9 o'clock people!!!

We spent the day before Christmas Eve with Bryce's side of the family and of course I forgot my camera at home. Then on Christmas day his parents and siblings came to celebrate in the comfort of our own home. It felt really good to start tradition with Avery. There is something magical about being in your own house Christmas morning! My parents spent the long weekend at our house too and it was great to have family in town. The entire 4 day stretch seemed to fly by and we were all exhausted by Christmas night. As you can see, I did not take a single picture of the 3 of us, I get all excited for Avery and can't keep the lens out of her face. I am glad I have an entire year to prepare for next years festivities its going to be crazy with TWO little girls in the house!
Happy Holidays 2012,

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