Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week Thirty-Five

{35 weeks & 4 days}
How big is the baby? Roughly 6 pounds & 19 inches long. This is such an estimate, I'll be anxious to hear her actual height & weight.

Weight gain? 18 pounds. Until the past week, I hadn't gained in a month. This child is sucking it all out of me. I think I've put on a few pounds after my fast food outbreak this past weekend. My weight gain seems to be pretty consistent with my first pregnancy.

Maternity clothes? yes & I'm really quite over them.

Stretchmarks? yep.

Sleep? Around weeks 28-32 I was seriously going pee 6-8x a night. Literally, I couldn't sleep for more than an hour before I felt the need to explode. The past few weeks have been normal, about 2x a night. Thank you Jesus.

Best moment this week? I "think" the heartburn has let up a bit. Just the past few days I've noticed I'm not shoving tums down my throat every few hours.

Movement? oh yeah, She's running out of room & I'm oh so amazed at my stomachs stretching ability. This girl will move her knees and feet along my belly, not in a painful way, but very uncomfortable. Its fun to watch though!  Avery never did that, she was more of a quick jabber.

Food cravings? Kroger's Private Selection Amaretto Cherry Cordial ice cream is like to-die-for. I'm not an ice cream love by any means, but this my friends is da bomb! Also cereal, but this is nothing new. I eat cereal quite often for snacks. Only honey-nut or cinnamon Chex though.

Gender? A precious baby girl.

Labor signs? Braxton Hicks are far and few between. I have them when I'm doing random things in the yard or too much house work, but nothing regular. I exercise daily and I don't even get them too often from physical activity. I hope my body starts to prepare & get ready soon, because I am.

What I am looking forward too? Avery's first glance at her baby sister. This poor child has been told that her sister is coming "soon" for MONTHS. She is so anxious to meet her & so are we. She might have different views once she's actually here, but she talks about her daily, its adorable!

Milestones? by the end of the week we are well into the one month mark, this is exciting. We almost have a full-term baby. I just pray & pray & pray for good health & a safe delivery.