Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Above all, Love each other deeply.

It seems like forever since my last blog post; we've been so busy lately and let me tell you I absolutely love it! Between house searching and our daily adventures I haven't put much thought into my blog and i'm really okay with that. Yet, i'm here now and I need to note all the fun things going on before I forget them. Bryce and his brother stood in a good friends wedding on Labor Day, so last weekend we spent 6 hours traveling to Cincinnati. In between all the wedding extravaganza we explored the town, shopped a bit & ate really good food. Avery did extra awesome for spending so many hours in the car; she amazed us at rehearsal dinner & even was so well-behaved at the wedding. I was one proud mamma all weekend, she is really hit or miss on all-the-above and she pulled through when we needed her too. Yayy, go A go!! I started MOPS (moms of preschoolers) this week and I can't talk enough about it. A group of moms coming together 2x a month at a local church to give each other support, a good laugh when you need it, & even prayer when it's most important. We chat and enjoy breakfast together, while the little ones are in the nursery or classroom playing. Avery spent the entire 2 hours in the nursery & they said she didn't make a peep! Well, not literally this girl is trying so hard to talk lately; her words aren't clear yet, but she is defiantly working on her communication skills. MOPS is really a great group of women who I am so excited to meet more of. I am really starting to find my nitch for this stay at home mom gig. Now that Avery is a busy body its important to keep our days filled with interaction. We still go to the YMCA during the week & playgroup is usually 2-3x a month now. I am really happy with where we are in life and each day is truly a blessing! Of course I can't leave without a picture dump, so enjoy! 

"Love each other as if your life depended on it"
Peter 4:8


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  1. Oh my! That pic of just Bryce and Devon looks like Devon and John at quick glance!