Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We are not so patiently waiting for the closing on our house; we are pretty confident that it is going to happen in about 2 weeks, but if you know anything about this house's all over the place. Paperwork being sent from person-to-person and place-to-place just to make sure every t is crossed and I am dotted. It's an annoying process and I'm sure there is every reason in the world it takes so long, but I am just not in any place to be patient. Were ready to move, were excited to have Christmas in our new home. I'm anxious for this time to grow as a family & experience this next chapter in our life. It makes me squeal just thinking about it, eeeek!  Bryce has some projects to start as soon as we get the keys & I've got rooms to paint before new carpet can be laid. I don't think I can spend another minute looking at Pinterest; I'm ready to get crafty!
Well, besides this waiting game were playing, Avery continues to grow like a weed and amaze us daily. Her vocabulary people, it's shocking! She tries to repeat everything we say & half the time it’s actually understandable. She is getting really good at knowing her animal noises and making the funny faces along with them, I think the Fish face is by far her favorite. She is obsessed with books. I think I get knocked in the face 2-3x a day by a book. As much as I hate reading the same books over and over again, I get it...she's eager to learn. I'm honestly the happiest mom in the world to see her passion for books at this young of an age. She is also now able to wiggle her fingers, touch her toes, point to her mouth, tongue, nose, eyes & ears. She absolutely loves being asked to do these. In between going to the YMCA, mops, and playgroup meet ups we are keeping busy and it's been fun for the both of us. I haven't been much of a cook these past few weeks (or months). I feel like I'm in a cooking rut. (Sorry Babe) I'd love to hear any of your favorite go-to dishes.
Happy Wednesday,

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