Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Going Cloth.

I am super excited to take on the world of baby Fluff!
  What makes me even more excited is that Bryce is right on board with me!
He's actually the one pushing the idea.
I ordered 7 cloth diapers yesterday. 3 different brands & one swim diaper.
 There is just SO much to learn & know about cloth diapers.
 I researched for a few days before making a purchase.
This weekend I am going to hit up a local store by my parents that sells them
& check them out in person, hoping to buy a few more!
So we are starting with:

2-Bum Genius Freetimes All-In-Ones {Snaps}

FuzziBunz Perfect Size MEDIUM 3-Pack
3- Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Mediums 15-30lbs {Snaps}

Bubble Gum Pink
2- Smartipants All-In-Ones {Snaps}

Kushies Swim Diaper Medium 14-25lbs

So we are starting with these and hopefully deciding what we like the best!
Maybe it will be a variety or possibly all of one brand...
Or there could be another brand of cloth diapers we really need to try too... Please Share!

Note: I choose all snaps for these diapers I ordered because I had an overwhelming amount of advice that it was the best choice over hook & loops. Is this true for you & why?

So I'm asking all you Cloth Diapering Mommas, What do we need to know about all this fluff,
about brands & styles?
Suggestions, tips & techniques are welcome & appreciated!!
What is your washing advice?
What is your storage advice?
What other products, other than cloth diapers, should we invest in?
& finally, how many cloth diapers do we need for one child, then two?

All the help I've received so far has been absolutely amazing & so thoughtful! I am really anxious & excited to get started. I feel like there is a lot to learn, but I'm ready!!!
The money saving aspect is a HUGE perk!!!!

Thank You,


  1. I'm sure you've read all about it, but all in ones can take FOREVER to dry! I'd experiment with how you like them before you go off and buy a ton more! I bought one and I loathe it. It's our emergency diaper now, lol.

  2. It's funny that you say that! I know 3 people that ONLY use AIO and think they rock! That is why I made this plog post! I love hearing everyones opinions on cloth!

  3. That's why I love my Freetime so much! While it takes longer to dry than most pocket diapers, it takes a LOT less than my other AIO! To save on drying times, you may want to look into wool dryer balls. 4 will help reduce time, but you'll see a significant difference if you use 6 or more. :)

  4. Hey! I'm a new follower and fellow cloth diaper-er! We use a diaper service and I really love it! They just drop off clean diapers and pick up the dirty ones once a week! I love it (although my husband gets impatient with it). We still use disposable diapers when we go out of town/overnight (heavy wetter over here) but I can't see us NOT using cloth diapers for Jack or any future babies!! Also, congrats on getting married!!! My husband and I just got married in November :)

  5. So good to hear Jennifer!!! I have been told by some that use the cloth to ONLY hang dry, while other use the dryer on low... Any suggestions here ladies?

    Kay, I'm so glad you found me! We initally looked to have a diaper service! That was what we wanted 11months ago! But our town or any town near by for that matter does not do a service like that. You are a lucky one!!! But i'm glad to hear such positive feedback on going cloth~

  6. Jay, I do both line dry and use the dryer! The sun does an amazing job at eliminating ammonia and whitening the inserts!

  7. I LOVE my cloth diapers. They do give my little Ari a big bum, but the money I'm saving and the cute-ness when she's wearing nothing but a diaper is worth it. I have 24 diapers and that's more than enough. We could totally make it with 18. I only use BumGenius.....keeping track of multiple diapers and which liners they match with sounded like a pain to me. My biggest advice is to use disposable liners!!!! Spraying and rinsing dirty diapers isn't that fun :) Using liners make it so much easier and less gross!