Saturday, May 5, 2012

Did you know.

Did you know I live my life 'Gluten Free'? Did you know I have been diagnosed a Celiac for 6 years? Did you know no matter what medical issue, physical or mental obstacle you have to overcome in your life, it only makes you stronger? It only makes you a better, more educated, aware person. I do not look at Celiacs as a barrier or a disease. I do not think my life is unfair. I am unique. I have my own story, my own background, and many hurdles to overcome daily that are not the norm. But then again, what is the norm in today’s society?

Living Gluten Free has made me healthy & strong again. Although sometimes I wonder what triggered this & if it was preventable, I do not look back & wish my life differently. When I have to tell people I am GFree the notorious words shooting out of their mouth are always “that sucks.” But life does not suck. I am healthy, able & willing to teach anyone the benefits of ‘eating clean;’ which is basically how I live my life now! I have made a beautiful daughter since being GFree. I am healthier than I have been in many many years & I am thankful for that.

I sometimes say that ‘my body hates me’ because I feel that way time to time, but my body does not hate me, it’s just acting how it was created to run. My endocrine system is altered a bit differently than others, my intestines don’t move as fast as they should, my menstrual cycle doesn’t run properly or regularly. But that’s okay, because I wouldn’t have been dealt this path if I couldn’t handle it! I am bigger & stronger than any bump I have to get over in life & so are you!
What have you overcome in life that has made you the person you are today?
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