Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to get out of a slump?!

It can happen to any one of us on occasion and right now its happening to me...I was so busy preparing for the wedding, packing for our honeymoon, planning A's first birthday party. Now it suddenly seem to have come to a screeching halt and frustration is settling in. A sense of the blues even, well kinda-sorta, It's not like i'm depressed or have any reason to be bored, but I am just thinking "what now, what's next." When you're in a slump, it's not pleasant. If I can tell i'm not up to par, then i'm sure my hubby is losing his mind!  {It feels like 24/7 PMS, not cool} In fact, it can be confusing and hard to feel motivated to do anything more than feel stuck. However, my general feeling of malaise and dissatisfaction with myself is telling me something, it's telling me it's time to reroute my direction and start finding a new pathway to a brighter future for myself.  I think everyone can aim for bettering themselves. I love, love, love being a SAHM. I feel like the most privileged person in the world. So it's not that I'm needing a job if that's what your thinking. I know my journey to pick myself up and out of this slump is going to be a very personal and internally guided one, provided that I trust my own voice and the advice of others. For starters I need to relax, enjoy the small things in life; more does not mean better! I need to distant myself from the things creating this slump (still trying to figure out what those are though). I need to get inspired and crafty; I need to create new goals and hold myself accountable for those goals and I need to re-inject excitement into my life! Don't take me wrong, I'm a totally happy person and I love life, my daughter, my husband, & my entire family; I'm just putting my thoughts from this overactive brain onto paper! I need that. Writing helps me, thanks for listening to me vent (;
Have you ever been in a slump? What gets you out? What did you do to fill your time? I think it just comes down to that I'm a super duper busy body & I love having things to do & no... cleaning is not one of them!! ahem!

Thanks for listening to such babble,

P.S. I've taken some medicine to help me have a monthly cycle the past few months, I think that might be taking a tole on these hormones of mine!!!

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