Monday, May 7, 2012

It's just another...

Manic Monday!

Its vacation week! Saturday just Bryce & I will be on a 6-hour flight to St.Lucia. Yep, you heard that right, were going on our honeymoon Saturday! Sunny blue skies, Clear sparkling water, breath taking scenery, unlimited food & drinks, our own schedule, and no wake up call! Sounds like a dream, right!?

This week is going to be crazy getting ready for our departure. My nerves are all built up with the thought of leaving my 'almost' one year old! It's bittersweet.
I am one of those, "Love Potion #9" kinda girls. Let me explain myself...
When I fell in love with Bryce, my hormones went crazy. It was like I took Love Potion #9. These hormones mixed with my brain & this did a number on me. See, that potion is powerful stuff. I couldn't stop thinking about my man. My heart would beat faster every time I saw him, my hands would sweat, he swooned me with my eyes; but let's be honest, the Love Potion runs dry every so often & you start to notice the flaws in one another. You stop focusing on what's important, the ooey-gooey-smooshy love stuff goes right out the door!

Well, apparently we know how to rekindle this love...
6 years later we have a kid & our married!
So I've never been worried that our relationship didn't kick ass! I've never worried that we couldn't get the flame burning time after time. However, I have always seen the importance of taking time for one another & this honeymoon vacation is coming at the perfect time! With Bryce graduating this past weekend, we finally have time to reconnect. He is home a lot more, every night by 5! He has way less stress & more time to focus on the 3 of us each day! It's awesome! So what a more perfect kick start to this new phase were stepping into than with a vacation, focusing on just us! Focusing on commitment & that deeper love that we have for one another. Because in all reality if our love is great, our family is great.. you know exactly what I'm talking about ladies?!!

So our honeymoon is going to consist of:
Reminiscing about our first 6 years together & the excitement of our future. Staying in bed a little longer to hold each other a litle tighter, kissing for 30 seconds longer, and mainly just keeping that 'spark' lit for one another!
It's going to be hard as hell to leave my baby girl, but ^^ is all the more reason to enjoy the hell our of this trip! We have the most amazing little lady to come home too! Life is so good to us!

I want the house to be spotless before we leave. I need to make sure Avery has every single thing possible for our parents; I never realized how hard it is to pack a child either. Bryce & I need to be all packed up by Friday & right now, Bryce does not much to wear!
{He spoiled me with a few new dresses yesterday!!!}
So that is how my crazy week is going! It's just Monday, so we have a lot of time! Ohh & I need to hit the gym hard this week; I'm going to be on a beach Saturday people! Ekk!



  1. Beyond excited for you guys! So much fun is ahead! Yay!

  2. How exciting! I hope you two can enjoy being away together and celebrating the blessings in your life! Your little lady will be just fine at her grandparents' and will be so excited to see you when you get back home! Can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful getaway! xox

  3. I will be hard to leave Avery, but when they're this little, they don't realize they've even missed you until you return and they see you again! She'll be just fine an you two are going to have so much fun!!

  4. Thanks Ladies! I just text Bryce, "8-hour travel time...This place better be AMAZING to leave my baby girl"!!!!