Monday, July 2, 2012

Yo I'm baaack!

Bryce left for a work trip to Arizona two Sundays ago & while he was only planning on being gone half the week, things changed ever so quickly & his stay got extended & so did our time at my parents house. We did a lot of visiting with both sets of grandparnets & some friends during our visit! We also went through a lot of teething & flat out crankiness or maybe, just maybe she missed her daddy as much as I did!
It was fun, yet i'm still so excited to be home & have my husband back! I did an awful job at taking pictures while I was gone & i'm mad at myself for that; here are a few that I was able to come up with from my phone.

We went to several parks during our visit!

Avery had nightly pool baths, it was so HOT!

We ate our fair share of treats
& Papa's good cookin!

We even managed to get the fake laugh out of Avery hundreds of times. She's pro at this now. I act like this is hard!!!(Video coming soon!)

Grabbed this chair at a garage sale $10
& worth every penny!


So we went swimming yesterday & had a cookout at my aunt & uncles house! It was just what we needed for a relaxing, yet semi eventful Sunday!
I know this post is pretty vague we acutally have a lot going on, were even bidding on a house at the moment, but I'll save all that hoopla for another day, another post!
I'm just happy to have some normalcy back! I haven't been to the Y in over a week & i'm really looking forward to my afternoon workout today!

Happy Monday Friends!

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