Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday letter to my mom.

Anyone who knows you mom knows what an amazing person you really are.
Words don't do any justice when I'm trying to express how thankful I am for you.
Those words feel too empty because it is not through words that you show me love and teach me how to be a better person. It is through your actions. The way that you love me, my husband and my child makes us better people by the mere fact that we get to be around you to experience it.
You are my best friend Mom.
Your stubbornness & repetition drives me batty.
But that stubbornness & repetition is contagious, ask my husband!
Your inability to keep your opinion to yourself hurts my head sometimes, but we always know where we stand with you. And I envy that straight forwardness.

I want to whisper to you and thank you over and over again.
And then tell you that I love you.

I love your phone calls that can never be just a second long.
I love you compassion for my family and all our endeavors in life.
I love you for continually loving dad and teaching me that true love exists.
I love you for teaching me what hard work is and how to appreciate the small things in life.
I love you for showing me how to be a mother, lover and friend.
But mostly, I want to say that..
Birthdays are time to celebrate life.
And your life is sooooo worth celebrating. 

Ask either of your two granddaughters, they love you endlessly and that melts my heart over and over again!


Hugs & A million kisses,
From your farorite Daughter


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