Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting back in gear.

Me, the fitness loving guru healthy person that I am has hit an all-time low. Well, maybe that's a bit exaggerative! I've been so focused, stressed, & devoted to house searching & all other aspects of my life that I totally gave up on myself. When in reality, feeling good about myself, is what makes me function like a sane woman! I promise, just ask my husband; I haven't been that fun loving lady in a few weeks. Sure I would go to the gym Monday-Friday, my usual, but I would catch myself walking instead of running & even giving myself a break on the intensity factor. Along with feeling blah, I've gained back the 5lbs it took me months to lose. I vowed to myself that I would ALWAYS catch myself at a certain mark & never let it get carried away! I'm at my mark & I'm ready to focus. When I feel good, my family feels good! I really feel this way about life & I know a healthy/active lifestyle is intended for everyone, even my hubby (; Don't get me wrong I've been truly enjoying myself this last month or two. Sweets, sweets galore & really good home cooking! I mean that really good stuff that you crave your parents to make for months & months. I had it all! Which is fine, all things in moderation... although moderation wasn't on my bucket list lately! So I'm going to get my butt in gear, back on myfittnesspal, Jfunchion, add me! Stress makes me eat & lately I've been focused on the wrong things. My family is the only thing that matters in life. Here's to focusing on the moment, from here on out! I've also posted some pictures of this past weekend, it was probably one of our last times home for a long while & I'm okay with that!

Momma Funchion

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  1. She is adorable in her little bikini :)
    Your parents look so young!