Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday| 4th of July Recap

You wanna know what was awkward? I'm in my car this morning driving to the gym to get my fitness on...that's awesome right! Well for some reason I felt under my arm and realized there is a random patch of hair that has probably been growing for a good 2 weeks without getting shaved. Under BOTH arms! {I won't lie this has happened before. My hubby loves to point this out!} So I do my cardio & choose to lift only the weights that don't make me raise my arms. All I can do is laugh about it at this moment! This wasn't the first & I'm sure it won't be the last time I do this!
However, on a good note it was pretty awesome to get a compliment on my leg definition today at the gym; I work my butt off lifting weights to get some kind of results. Until I notice the lady's eyes going from my caves to my tummy & then her eyes stop moving upward. Yes, I know it looks like I ate the TIRE of a Ford F-150.{Only truck I can think of} I must not be doing something right at the gym, that was just awkward people! Alright, what else is awkward. The length of my bangs. They are far to long to be considered cute anymore & not long enough for anything to be shoved off to the side, but it is pretty damn awesome that these bangs make you realize how fast your hair really grows! It's also very annoying that the bank has not called us back on our bid we put in on a house last week. It's getting very awkward to keep texting our real estate agent. Although, she kind of sucks at her job so I guess I'll just keep bugging her, it really is the only way to get answers. What's so awesome about this?? The support Bryce has given me the past week about buying our first home; he is so educated & smart with finances, construction & optimistic about where our future will take us! I am so thankful. The pictures we got from our 4th of July day trip yesterday are just awkward. I'm serious. It was hotter than hot out. I think I sweat from 8am-midnight, but boy did we have fun! It was an awesome day with close friends. We went up to my girlfriends parents cabin, ate awesome food all day, spent a few hours on their lake tubbing, laid in the sun & just relaxed. It was the good life! Avery had a blast, she loved their dog, she loved the boat ride & she really loved her freedom! I on the other hand loved the 3 hour nap she took!

It's been pretty awesome & awkward around here lately! I think life would be boring any other way!!!
Hope you all had an amazing 4th too! Were still hoping to fit in some fireworks this weekend!


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