Friday, February 3, 2012


We went to the Circus today & ya know what, I don't remember ever going to the Circus before! I'm sure I went years ago, but this felt like just as new of an experience for me, as it was for Avery & boy did we have fun! Avery smiled & babbled for over 2 hours before she took a short snooze on my lap for the remainder of the show! We went with my girlfriend Brittany and the two little girls she used to nanny for! Who I might add, are darling! Everything about these girls is pure cuteness & they adore Brittany! All 3 of the girls really enjoyed themselves. It amazed me to see these 3 precious girls, all different in ages, interact so well together and find complete happiness from the silly Circus! I'm still waiting for Avery to pass out from all the stimulation! Here's a few pictures to show you just how awesome are day really went, Enjoy!


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