Monday, February 6, 2012

A much needed weekend away.

This weekend was Amazing, to say the least! We took a mini-trip up North to Traverse City. It was mine & Avery's first time there. So fun. So beautiful. So romantic. So perfect. The 3 of us relaxed as a family & it was exactly what we needed. There was absolutely no snow, which was crazy & it was still picture perfect! I'm even more excited to go back during the warmer months & really capture the true beauty of pure Michigan! Seriously, 23 years here & I've really never been 'up north' I completely understand why people move there. Its calm, peaceful & the scenery is breathtaking.
On Saturday we checked into the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, dropped our bags off & headed back out. We stopped at the first family owned restaurant we could find & Avery ate like a champ; very unusual, but we were happy!! Then we walked around the downtown area in the beautiful 45 degree weather. Sipped wine, drank beer, ate chocolate, shopped, need I say more...
We even made our way into a few Wineries & had a some samples, fun!
Then we made a quick stop for some swim diapers and headed back to the resort.
We put Avery in the most darling Minnie Mouse swim suit & headed to the pool. This would have been a perfect way to tire her out. I was so sure that swimming was exactly what she needed to get a good nights sleep in a new environment.  Except the water was freezing, Avery hated it! So that didn't last long. We quickly headed back to our room, filled up the Jacuzzi tub and she played her little heart out!
We eventually went back down stairs to the little sports pub for dinner & drinks. It was a perfect Saturday, I couldn't have asked for a better day with my two favorite people. Yet, I was amazed once again with how perfect this trip could go; Avery slept from 8:30pm-8am in her pack-and-play! Yeah!!! We set it up in the bathroom, so she would be in complete silence and darkness, it was perfect! Thank you baby girl!
Sunday we all woke up starving, so we headed to another little ma & pa diner before getting back on the road! Did I mention this child ate & ate & ate the whole trip. She shoved her face at everymeal! I could not stop smiling, I think she just likes to show off in front of her daddy!
Then we drove two & half hours back South to my grandparents in Frankenmuth, where we met my parents and other family members for a late lunch! Yummo, what a perfect way to top off our already amazing weekend. Then of course, the Superbowl & wings on our very own couch! Lets just say we all slept well!


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