Monday, February 27, 2012

Look at that face.

This little girl has me at a loss for words. She's a mess lately & my one wish was to wake up today {Monday} & have my happy Avery back. I cannot pinpoint the problem. A little over 2 weeks ago it was teething & this little dolly hates them bad boys; both of her Upper Lateral Incisor's broke through, which was a shocker to us because she doesn't even have her middle two yet!! So that explained her fussiness. Then it just continued... stomach bug, I thought. But at this point I honestly don't know if that's the answer for her messy diapers, runny nose & refusal to eat solids. You can tell shes just simply tired out: mind & body. "Poor girl" is an understatement. Poor Momma, Shes been such a "cling-on" and its obvious in my tired eyes too.
It certainly could still be a bug she caught, or teething {although, I see no pressure on her gums}, or both. I just hope too see this girl get some relief this week. With no fever or tugging on the  ears, I don't see the point to call in the doctor yet. Maybe she just needs some more cuddles from her Momma. I can handle that.


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