Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Letters to Avery

Holy Smokes!!!! Your 9 Months Old baby girl,
Your personality is huge and so is your smile! I'm so in love with your little mouth; every time you open it up those little teeth just melt my heart! A toothless grin is nowhere near as darling as one with teeth! {You have 4 Teeth now} They change your appearance and makes you that much cuter. I totally didn't think that was possible, but you amaze me each month with your perfection. You are so beautiful Avery Anne don't let a soul tell you otherwise! But you knew that, we can't go out in public without a million and one complements about your big blue eyes! You love the attention & you love leaving the house. I'm pretty much convinced you hate it at home. I have never met a child more bored of her toys & of her Momma. You get so fussy and upset with me if we stay home. I joined the YMCA this month and your one hour visit in the 'Kids Zone' is pretty much the highlight of your day now. You never fuss when I leave your sight and the teacher always tells me how much fun you have starring at the other children and chasing them around the room! The interaction is so good for your development, but I think an hour is all you can take. It might just be all I can handle too, for now! Your eyes light up with excitement when you see me and that is one thing that will never get old. I plan to get you involved in the swim program this summer and that will be new and exciting for the both of us!

You’re Our biggest change this month has been the process of getting you off Momma's milk. It took me several weeks to wean you and it was very hard for me. I knew it was time, my production was not nearly enough anymore to continue slaving away at it, but I did not think it would pay this big of a toll on me, physically and mentally. You handled it like a Champ; thankfully formula does not bother you. Stopping has led my hormones to go in overdrive; almost two weeks now of not pumping and my body still is confused. I shed tears for the first time since your first month of life: tears of pure joy, tears of sadness, tears of fear, and tears of love. My body has finally let me have my emotions back and let me tell ya little girl, there back with full vengeance! I could cry on the drop of hat thinking about how proud I am to be your Momma and how happy I am to see you grow so perfectly. It's bittersweet to watch your little helpless self, turn so independent. It truly is a love/hate relationship, although I'm okay with it, each day you bring some sort of new happiness into my life. Looking at old pictures of you as a baby is all I need, you can grow and grow and grow baby girl. The world is yours to explore, I will be right by your side!

We will get your weight and height measurements next week. I am anxious to see where you fall on the charts, since you still completely dislike your solid foods. I'm lucky to get you to eat 10 bites of solids a day. I know you’re getting your nutrition from the formula still, but this is our largest obstacle to overcome. I'm thinking one of these days you will decide food is your friend, until then I'll continue giving you different choices daily. Hey! That’s what Momma's do, they don't give up and I'll teach you that for the rest of your life.
You absolutely love when I say, 'Give Kisses Avery'

Moose is becoming your Best Friend & I’m actually starting to believe {hopefull thinking} that Moose is becoming quite fond of you as well. I Love this! Maybe it’s all the table food you leave behind for her. Whatever it is she’s handling all the pushing and prodding quite well! I'm anxious to watch the two of you grow together.
The shoes stayed on for a good 3 minutes!

Another month goes by and i'm so unbelievably in love with you baby girl. I will continue to teach you all that I can. I will provide you with all the love a mother can. I am certain that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a mother to her daughter.
Lets see what this month brings baby girl, each day is a true blessing!
I will love you forever and ever,

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