Friday, February 24, 2012


{Overwhelming reasons why I’m glad it’s Friday}

1. Avery & I had the bad case of the flu this week. It's Friday & so far we both have NO signs that it's still around. However, shes pretty good at throwing an afternoon diarrhea diaper in there, lets hope not. Not today, its Friday.

2. I've woke up every morning this week with a headache. Thats misrable. Its Friday & I'm over it, I want some good weekend sleep with my hubby. (I could totally get used to saying that word!)

3. Bryce has not been home earlier than 7pm for weeks. It's Friday & he's coming home early tonight (-: 

4. There has been a few really tragic deaths in my home town. My grandparents were hospitalized. My Great Aunt had a stroke. It's Friday people & I've recieved NO bad news yet!!!

5. I've had a lot on my mind lately (jobs, childcare, SAHM, deaths, wedding planning, sickness, money, really the list goes on...) & now that it's Friday, I vow to throw all of it out the door & devote my entire self to my family. I think it's essential for the soul!

I'm really glad it's Friday.


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