Friday, November 18, 2011


So it's pretty bittersweet to look at Success & Failure. We can look at everything we do in life & define it as either a success or failure, but it gets tricky when you realize that without one, you wouldn't have the other. When I got pregnant out of wedlock it was a Failure. A failure as a christian, a failure as daughter, a failure for myself. I had always set high goals for myself: I wanted to get an education, get married, & make a family; with a dream of being able to stay home with my family & make an income. These were my goals, & this is my dream. Not something my parents wished upon me, not something I felt obligated to do. I just said by following this order in life, I would find success & through success you find happiness, Right?!

However, I had a baby to bring into this world & this was a failure in my life. Though as I said, this failure is so bittersweet. This failure brought me huge success & made me the happiest women in the world. I am the most blessed mother in the world. I successfully finished my education, I've successfully stayed in a committed relationship for 6+ years, & I successfully brought the most beautiful baby into the world. I could not imagine life with out her. I could not imagine moving forward in life with Bryce as a partner, without this success, without this gift from God. I choose to not dwell on the failures; there is no purpose to look back and analyze all the failures I created. I've had many & I'm sure to have many many more, but within each failure I am sure to find a success!

So for me success & failure are just two words. I depend on them to grow. They are easy to define, easy to look at & even easier to be thankful for. But the question I ask you is how do you define Power. Not the kind of power you reach by attaining your goals. No the power you achieve by moving up in a company, by making a larger income than others. Not the power you reach through management or technicial choices... It's tricky, I am not sure how to define this other kind of power yet.

Power can be defined in many differnt ways, the word means many different things to people. How do you define power?


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