Friday, November 4, 2011

Here's to... Everything.

Hello friends,

All right I've done it, I created a blog. A blog people, I said I was never going to do it & I did. To be honest i'm pretty excited to share some really awesome, personal, & detailed posts about my life now as a:  mother, as a lover, & as I grow into something I always dreamed of… a family. Oh yeah & of my baby. Shes stunning. You will see lots of her!

First off i'm going to start by saying I know the exact facial expression that is going to come from my truly handsome fiance of mine when he first sees this. That sexy face is going to have written, "I told ya so" all over his stunning forehead without even speaking! & i'm going to laugh (because I always laugh when he talks) even when i'm mad at him, because he's right! Once again, he's right, I created a blog & this my friends is something I said I was never going to do, but he knew I eventually would!

But, were over that because I did it & I think it's going to be good for me. After reading countless blogs about women and their daily routines, struggles, & passions they go through with motherhood, I thought it was about time I share mine. As not only a place to vent, but also a journal to look back on the memories i've made. This blog is for myself mostly, but for you as well. Read if you like, comment & your advice is always welcome, but please leave you're judging for elsewhere. I've got plenty of things to learn as a new mom & as a soon to be wife, 
so heres to EVERYTHING! 


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