Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday, I'm loving you.

  • I'm loving that the first day of Spring came Wednesday, March 20th! Although, it's frigid here in Michigan still, just the thought that Spring weather has to come any day now gives me ample amounts of excitement! 
  • I'm loving that my feverish little girl is not so fever ridden anymore. Those dang 2 year molars are seriously the spawn of Satan. 
  • I'm loving that its the end of a work week for my hubby. I've felt disconnected the past few weeks; he's been so busy & I've been so lackadaisical. 
  • I'm loving that my girlfriend brought over some Jergen's moisturizer last week. Ya know, the lotion that makes you feel not so frumpy after a long white winter. Even if I'm only one shade darker it makes me feel alive again. I'm so looking forward to real sun.
  • I'm loving that my beautiful 2 week old niece is growing and thriving just beautifully. She fits into our family so perfectly & I cannot wait to get my hands on that cutie.
  • I'm loving that I'm 33 weeks pregnant this weekend & still feeling good. Besides the pressure and occasional soreness, I can't even complain!

Happy Friday,

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