Monday, March 18, 2013

A nursery & name reveal

For our second baby girl I was just as excited to design a nursery as I was for our first. Except this time I wanted to go down the route of peaceful, cheap, homemade & simple. Avery's nursery had a lot more going on in it & I got sick of colors quickly. This time I decided the theme would be more natural. The colors would be soft like: creams, whites, tans, & browns- with a hint of light pink. I directed the artwork around lambs & was aiming to keep the room clutter free, with a calm vibe. I think we nailed it. I get all anxious just walking in her room now, the thought of rocking a new baby girl in that very same chair I held our first daughter in makes me shed tears of joy, we are just so blessed!  I could still use a few pieces of art work here and there & the adorable lamb sheets we bought are still at a family members house, but the room is pretty much complete; it's crisp, simple, & ready for our newest daughter. 

I made this canvas (inspired from Pinterest) & absolutely love it. The background sparkles and the adorable little lambs were even made from these two hands, i'm crafty when I try to be! 

My grandma Kurek made the adorable photo-box lamb artwork above the shelf. She made an owl one for Avery's nursery that still hangs in her big girl room. I love the touch homemade artwork gives the room & it means so much to have her love & blessing for our children. 

For our newest baby girl we decided on the name
Elliana Jean Funchion
Bryce & I agreed on the name Elliana after much debate about ever finding a name we both loved. We love it's uniqueness & it elegance. I love the full name Elliana & Bryce adores the nickname "Elli"
 Jean is both of my grandmothers middle names, thankfully they both spell it exactly the same too. It was an easy choice to give this little girl a middle name after 2 amazing mothers. 

The mobile is probably my favorite part of the nursery. I made it, with the help of my mom. My mom is so crafty, after the idea came to make this from scratch, I knew I would need my moms help to finally put each piece together. It's glittery & hopefully grabs miss Elliana's attention.

The room is ready for our baby girl & it defiantly has Avery's approval. She loves spending time going through Elli's clothes and rocking her babies in the chair. She is so excited to meet her sister, it makes this process of stepping into a family of 4 a whole lot more exciting.
We love you already Elliana Jean, we can't wait to kiss & love on those precious baby toes!


  1. Jayme I love this little room and the name!! She is so very blessed to be surrounded by so much love :)

  2. Love the room and the name! So sorry you and Avery couldn't make it this morning...we had a fun time! The museum is a great place:)