Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Chicken Farmer

My hubby has been driving me nuts  asking me if I want to get chickens for a good 3 months; like the whole nine yards: layers & feeders in a chicken coop in our very own backyard. He thinks with mine & Avery's obsession with eggs and his dreams of this small "family farm" for our children that this would be so much fun to dip into. I've been skeptical, constantly chirping in his ear all the reasons this sounds so messy & like it could potentially turn into an epic dirty disaster ...yet I finally agreed. If you don't already know my hubby well this means i'm agreeing to hands-on participation with these little buggers. Support is all my husband ever needs and hes gun-ho to take on any obstacle. Which is one of the very big reasons I married this man; he supports me when I decide to take on sketchy projects, so indeed I should do the same for him. Plus, in the back of my mind it's adorable how much he loves his girls and wants them to experience everything possible (within our means). So we did it, we bought chickens, 18 to be exact, some for laying eggs & others for meat. You may be asking what makes me a wee bit excited for this challenge? It was the DUCKS!! There so stinking cute, we got 2. We have a little water hole pond behind our new house & I think it would be adorable for the girls to feed the little ducks swimming around. He even said he would build them a floating raft house so our bird dog wouldn't destroy them. We will see how long they stick around out back... but for now we have a box full of chickens and ducks in our basement soaking up the warm rays under a nice heat lamp for the next 4-5 weeks until our chicken coop is built & the weather permits.
Here's my oath to try my very hardest to be the best small chicken farmer I can be... do you believe me?

I have lots of blog posts on my mind lately, yet I've been so awful about posting them so I decided to leave a list so I have some accountability: Potty Training, Nursery reveal, Bump update (long over due, i'm almost 32 weeks), Le Leche League, Hopes & dreams: A mom of 2, The arrival of my 2nd niece, Staying active, & Marriage: a year deep. I think you will be seeing me a lot more lately, I miss writing!


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