Friday, June 8, 2012

Whose your lifeguard?

When I saw this quote I immediately thought of my life. By no means do I ever feel like I'm drowning in life, but by recognizing our weakness & strengths, it helps Bryce & I lean on one another. As a wife & mother, my strong vulnerability and sensitivity create space for others to explore their own paths more deeply. I want this out of my husband and my children. I am committed to bringing the principles of vulnerability and truth to my family. Being a mother is now one of my greatest joys. Opening my child's eyes to the possibilities in their lives is a sublime experience. I love seeing Avery grow daily & I love even more watching my husband grow as a father. Recognizing the beauty in motherhood, the creative powers of being a wife, & seeing my family's faces light up as they realize that the time to start feeling alive is right now. There is nothing in life worth waiting for, its about taking chances, stepping into the dark and there may even be times life gets a bit over your head & you feel like your drowning, but I am my husbands lifeguard & he is mine.  We are a family. I realize more and more that when one of us is down, the other is up walking on top of the water. It's balancing act& from the direct experience that stem from my families explorations, we find ourselves. This is what life's about,finding that person in your life that is worth saving. Whether it be your spouse & children, like it is for me, or someone else, there is always a reason to rise above the water.


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