Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Avery has been quite the little trooper these days; here's what this little cutie has been up to!
  • She has been going to all of her daddy's softball games & it's been so hot!
  • She has been riding countless hours in the car, looking for houses & traveling. She hates this.
  • She has her 9th tooth & her 10th is pushing its way through! Molars are seriously no joke!
  • She used chalk for the first time at the Y this week & ate some of it too!
  • She went swimming in my girlfriends pool this past weekend & road on a boat!
  • She played with her niece this weekend! They are polar opposites & it's hilarious!
  • She is really into her books! Not so much the plot, but pictures and flipping pages are fun!
  • She attempts to ride Moose several times throughout the day, she looses every time.
  • She is sleeping like a champ!
  • She no longer goes down for nap or bed with milk.
  • She brushes her teeth every night. Well, we help a girl out!
  • She tries to sing now when music is playing. Its darling & her humming could put me to sleep!
  • She still strongly dislikes the high chair. Most days this is a battle.
  • She is in the full blown toddler stage & it's really fun!
  • She is trying to learn farm animals & their noises at the moment. Difficult task!
  • She is loving life! Throwing hissy fits, being a little diva & showing us her big girl attitude.
  • She is SO CUTE! I'm serious. Those big gaps between her teeth make me weak at the knees!!!!
Avery is a character lately & she is not shy around anyone!
 We have ourselves a little girl with a ginormous personality!


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