Monday, June 18, 2012

His day.

Fathers Day did not consist of anything too "snazzle & pop,"
but we did spend it as a family and that is what matters.
We ate good food & ended our day on a boat for a short time.
All-in-all my husband rocks as a father & I'm glad there is a day to devote to him!
Avery, you are SO lucky to have such a good looking daddy
& I am SO blessed to have such a hunk of a husband!

Thank you for being an extremely hardworking dad.
Thank you for understanding how hard it is to be a SAHM.
Thank you for not letting me feel guilty about my career.
Thank you for (pretending to) listen to me...sometimes.
Thank you for encouraging me to take time out for myself once in a while.
Thank you for putting up with me.
Thank you for supporting our family financially.
Thank you for striving to give our family everything and more.
Thank you for letting me cry about things when I need a release.
Thank you for seeing the glass half full, even when I see it half empty.
Thank you for taking care of Avery the way you do.
Thank you for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you for encouraging me to see the positives.
Thank you for wanting more children.Someday.
Thank you for not giving up.
Thank you for letting me speak my mind, even when you disagree.
Thank you for being kind, giving and for being such a natural hands-on dad.
Thank you for being fun.
Thank you for making me laugh when I am mad.
Thank you for being our handy man.
Thank you for being so intelligent.
Thank you for understanding our finances.
Thank you for having goals and working towards them.
Thank you for being my other half.
Thank you for being a kick ass father.

I love you,
Your Wife

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  1. aww, nothing better than a thank you list! this is too sweet. I like the "not giving up" part. I told my husband that just this morning (not even kidding) ... as I was running out the door with wet hair and no makeup ... I said, "thanks for sticking with me and not giving up on me". ha! hopefully one of these days I will do my hair for him ... :)