Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 Months| Avery

Baby Girl don't fret, I promise I don't dress you like a boy too often! This outfit was gifted to you & handmade by some of your Uncles friends in China {I'm Serious!} Plus, it was bedtime & your cute in really anything you have on!

Your 10 months (not so) little one! This month was huge. You now have 6 teeth & your next 2 bottom ones are in clear sight. I hope they don't give you as much trouble as your top 2 did. Those teeth caused a lot of pain, many sleepless nights & a very, very unhappy little girl. 
You clearly look more & more like your Daddy everyday! You are risky, wild & determined! You are now taking 4,5,6, & sometimes 7 steps on your own! I have no doubt you will be a pro walker by your first birthday. You have really taken love to this new found freedom.  However, at this stage I actually dread taking you out to eat. You really hate sitting still. I hope this changes...sooner than later!
You are officially off the bottle too! You are {currently} happy drinking from your sippy cup: straw or spout! We have only 2 that you will drink from, but I'm not going to be picky! This makes car rides & bedtime a lot less stressful. Since the bottle is gone, you are eating more solids & much more dependant on following a routine for your meals/snacks. You are starting to drink juice & water throughout the day more & less formula.
This month is kinda a big deal baby girl, Your Momma is officially becoming a Mrs.
You already know how much your mom & dad love each other, but I'm joining your last name club! I can't wait to get you into your little dress & dance with you at our wedding. Your going to be just darling, thinking about it makes my heart explode with happiness!
  It's true, each day is something different, new, & exciting with you. I'm sure you will surprise us once again with all your new developments & expressions in your 10th month of life!
I love you more than Cookie Monster loves cookies & that's a lot!!!!
I love you more than you will ever know Avery Anne!



  1. Awww. So sweet!!!! happy 10 Months.

  2. happy 10 months! yikes, i am not looking forward to teething!!

  3. Happy 10 months!! I love this outfit... it is not too boyish!