Wednesday, March 7, 2012

9 Month Update| Avery

This little blonde babe had her 9month well-check this afternoon. Thankfully, no shots needed!
Weight| 20# 13.2oz (75%)
Height| 30 1/8in (97%)
4 Teeth.
Letting go & taking 3-4 steps.
She even went from the chair to the trash can in front of the Doctor today! That was 4 steps without even calling her!
Bleach blonde hair & the length is finally visable!
 This little daredevil has my nerves going crazy;
she is very aware and assertive & knows what she wants.
She needs a lot of room for exploration & freedom.
She will say 'dada' & repeat only things her Daddy tells her.
She has been eating solids at each meal for an entire week!
 So all-in-all, She's Perfect!


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