Thursday, March 22, 2012

Help A Mom Out.

This little princess right here...

is obsessed with her bottle! We thought we had her tricked by taking her pacifier away early when she was so dependant on that, but she quickly transitioned to using her bottle as a soother. I'm talking big time people; she has been gradually becoming more & more reliant on the bottle & I need to make a change now! I started to notice it more once we transitioned her to formula only. She can go through a container in 4 days. Shes almost 10 months old, this is a bit ridiculous. I keep telling myself "she is hungry, let her have the bottle" Since she does not eat much at each meal. However, its getting out of control. She will eat a few bites of table foods, then quickly squirm & squeal for her bottle. {Enough is Enough} Let's be honest here, she using the bottle as a form of soothing... She does not need to drink from her bottle every few hours, she does not need to scream in the car for her bottle each & every time we put her in her car seat, she does not need a bottle after every meal & she does not need a bottle to take every single nap. I know this, but when your child refuses to drink from a sippy cup, what do I do?! {I could really use your advice on this one}



  1. I wish I knew what to tell you. Ayden didn't like his sippy cups at first either. I started him on them when he was 5 months I think. And I would try it like once a week. Finally, he started taking it at about 9 months I think. Maybe earlier. And we transitioned to the ones with the straws. Now, I don't ever give him a bottle. I guess just try to keep giving it to her. My sister in law just did it cold turkey. If he wouldn't take the cup, he didn't get anything at all. She said it only last a couple days. Then he would take the cup because he wanted a drink. That's all I have though. Sorry. Good luck :)

  2. ohhhhhh hmm i'm not sure what to do since my baby is still pretty young!! but hope you get it all figured out soon!! i know my mom needs paci to fall asleep and im wondering when we'll have to wean him off that..