Friday, July 26, 2013

Fit Friday Ramblings.

i'v always been healthy. i've always been into fitness, but i haven't always been fit. i'm 6 weeks into this new lifestyle i'm trying to create for myself & my family & i'm starting to absolutely love it. at about 8 weeks postpartum of baby number two I decided that to ever lose this baby weight this time around i needed to change my lifestyle. diets are for the birds (do birds diet?!) i've never met a happy person on a diet & i know from experience they are just not for me. so i stepped into the realm of clean eating. each day is a new day. i have really great days & awful days. but the key to changing your lifestyle for good is knowing that its okay to fail. just remember to pick yourself back up. clean eating consists of really focusing on no processed foods, more veggies & fruit,  lots of lean protein & water water water. six smaller meals a day, not three huge ones. since my hubby put in the garden this year i'm really embracing the love of fresh produce. i've been gluten free for years now, so staying away from bad carbs i've got in the bag. luckily for my family, i do not cook with bad carbs or gluten very often. i'm really enjoying finding new "clean" recipes on pinterest to cook each night while incorporating fresh veggies. one of my biggest obstacles is portion control. although its generally healthy and light meals, overeating is still my evil. so far with this lifestyle i feel so much better, less bloated & generally a healthier person. there are days i catch myself in the kitchen eating to many processed foods loaded with sugar & i pay for it the next day. my workouts are slower & my intestines are not my friend. yet, the key to this whole process is jumping back on the band wagon the following day.

another key aspect into this lifestyle change is fitness. i always tell people "i've got fitness in the bag, its just the diet that kills me." that may be half true. working out is my addiction. i love it! i've been committed to working out for years: 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. its easy for me & it helps me stay sane. i even worked out hard through both pregnancies & after. but changing my body has been almost non existent. after having my first daughter the weight fell off & i kept running and occasionally lifting weights at the gym. i enjoyed it thoroughly and i felt good, i thought! then during my second pregnancy i pushed myself even harder then i did during my first pregnancy. i never took days or weeks off. i just reminded myself how important it is to keep fit to have a healthy baby and quick delivery. (this holds true people) but the weight didn't just fall off this go around. although people seem to think its all gone because i'm "skinny" again, does not mean i'm back to my pre-baby weight, because i'm not. my least favorite thing people say to me "you look good for just having a baby" as if you should look unhealthy & entirely a different person after having kids. i don't give into this stigma. yes, your body has changed entirely after growing a human inside you for 9 months, but it does not mean that because your a mom now, your body is now okay to be defined differently. i think that we are what we want to be. you are what you eat, you are what do. if you don't move & eat processed foods, you will feel & look unhealthy. changing your body, before or after you have kids is totally attainable. the dedication and work you put into yourself is important & its up to you.

so to challenge myself i started insanity 6 weeks ago. although my weight has not changed yet, my numbers are slowly changing. reminding myself that the scale does not define me. this is a hard concept for me, but each day i work towards this goal. the goal of understanding that the scale is not an accurate measure of progress. fueling my body with healthy clean food is my ultimate goal, as well as, creating this lifestyle for my family. all while continuing to challenge my physical limits. this all is really exciting & fun for me. i love being committed to this beachbody program & can't wait to try some of the other ones. Have a happy fit friday friends & remember the weekend can kill all your weeks hard work!


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