Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A long overdue bump update

It's been over 7 weeks since my last bump update. I've been so bad about recording this pregnancy and taking belly pics. At 19 weeks we found out we are having another GIRL. I was in complete utter shock when we found out. Not that I thought we were having a boy this time, I just never imagined sisters. I'm so excited to give Avery a little sister and even more blessed to be able to parent these little girls. Bryce & I are in a state a pure happiness right now. I know we will indeed give these little girls a baby brother some day...maybe if god intends for it, but for now we are thrilled about our newest addition to the Funchion family! The ultrasound went good, it cleared up all my concern for not feeling the baby at the time. I have an anterior placenta this pregnancy and all along I though I just had a "calm" baby... jokes on us! She was in there moving and grooving just like her big sister was; were in for a real treat with these two ladies. Baby girl was breech at that appointment which shouldn't concern me at only 19 weeks with plenty of room to flip around, but Avery was NEVER breech, ever. We also couldn't get an accurate picture or reading of her face or heart. She was moving so fast the ultrasound tech couldn't measure those areas. She said she thought from what she could see that it was Avery's twin, but she wasn't positive. The heart looked good from the few seconds she could see it, but we will be going back for a follow-up ultrasound on or around 26 weeks. I'm excited to see her so much further along in my pregnancy. I'm still praying she is 100% healthy and from what we saw she is, but the next visit should clear that up... if she cooperates!

How big is the baby? roughly 1 pound & nearly 11 inches & I feel every bit of this. I feel like i'm rock solid already.

Weight gain? oh yes, about 9-10 pounds. I'm exactly where I was with Avery at this point in my pregnancy.

Maternity clothes? I still do not need maternity pants, but shirts are becoming a necessity. The people at my gym probably think i'm some werido with these "almost" belly shirts on when I'm working out.

Stretchmarks? Oh the joys. My few stretch marks I got at 38 weeks with Avery are out and showing there true colors of motherhood. Be proud, these babies made me a beauty last time around. I'm quite certain with how rapid my belly is growing this pregnancy more will pop out sooner than later.

Sleep? When i'm out, i'm out. I'm in bed most nights by 10 o'clock and I look forward to bedtime. If I wake up in the middle of the night I most certainly cannot fall back asleep without a bathroom trip. Usually 2-3 times a night still; kind of ridiculous, but I blame it on all the water!

Best moment this week? Avery transitioned into her twin bed LIKE A CHAMP & we are working progressively on the nursery now. Bryce primed the walls and set up the crib. It's so weird to see the mattress on its highest setting, I barely remember this stage.

Movement? Finally, at 21 weeks I started to feel her daily. Not all day or even often, but usually once or twice a day she throws me a nudge to let me know shes in there. I love it.

Food cravings? Chips, junk...but I am trying to watch what I eat a little more these last few days. Treats and junk every day is kind of a problem. Not so much during pregnancy, but the effects it has on me afterwards. It is so hard to break bad eating habits; I learned that first hand after having Avery.

Gender? Girl.

Labor signs? No, no, NO THANK YOU GOD.

What I am looking forward too? I look forward to feeling your kicks everyday and our appointment next week to hear your strong heartbeat, it never gets old!

Milestones? Starting her nursery is exciting. I can't wain until the walls are painted and I can start putting things together.

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